Questions and answers about QR codes

Most smartphones can read QR codes without any additional software. To do this, open the camera application on your device and focus on the QR code.

With us you can create your QR code for free and download it as image or vector data.

A distinction is made between static and dynamic QR codes. With static QR codes, all information is stored in the QR code. This means that this information is always available. With dynamic QR codes, only a link to a file, website, audio file... contained. This allows the data to be changed or deleted.

Basically all digital data. This is only limited by the maximum data size of 2.956 kB. With us you can create link to websites, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, vCards, texts, and much more.

On the website you can create and design QR codes for free. To do this, you select a suitable template and create the QR code. Then you have the option to download it as png or as svg.

Yes, with us you can create your QR code for free.

There is no limit with us. You can create as many QR codes as you want.